Thursday, September 18, 2014

Texting Tiffany About How the First Meeting Went for the Accountable Group

Yaaay! The first accountability group went well!! With these things I think in the beginning people are a bit stiff since they don't all know each other yet. But it went well. 5 people out of the 10 came in today! 4 of them couldn't make it and 1 of them hasn't answered back to me. But I was actually really glad that it was a small group this time around because it was much easier to facilitate and lead. I was so nervous right before because of the whole talking in front of a group thing but after I got into it it wasnt so bad! My favorite thing about it was how people would chip in with really good advice that would help the other person with accomplishing their goal!! There was a really cool collaborative energy that was starting! For now it's going to be Thursdays at 7PM. I don't know if I want to do every Thursdays or just every other Thursdays! But yeah! I'm really glad I got around to organizing this finally! I had been procrastinating for the past 3 weeks on it!! Finally kicked my ass and set the meeting date and then just figured everything out as I went before the meeting date.

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