Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kind words from Chelseaa,

AWWW!!!  Im excited to read those articles and I'm so lucky to have you as friend!!!! You are really smart and very positive even when your down you always get back up!! I admire it. Never met anyone as strong and ambitious. You are and inspiration. I know that people like you can help change the people in this world. Every person you meet becomes brighter because of the fire inside you. But yeah we will meet again!! Ill be in town about the same time! We can play it by ear. But I know we will whenever that is!!! Keep on inspiring girl!!! You's a Muse  lol

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mikey's inspiring and encouraging text to follow my heart,

Hahah that blows Ive never had a shitty boss yet so I feel lucky. Follow your heart I say, but being your own boss can be very stressful in the beginning im sure it could feel unstable. But regardless of that anything worthwhile is never easy, and every second you progress is an accomplishment in it of itself. You always become stronger as long as your strive! I say follow your heart and do it! Your young its the age to take risks!