Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two important things I learned from Barry Terry said Day 1 of Landmark

People will always judge you, no matter what. Be someone or stand for something that is worth judging.

I will die someday. And after I die, I will be put into a hole that will be filled back up with dirt. After that they will put a tombstone up. The tombstone will feature my name and my date of birth along with the date of my death. In between that there is a dash sign. A small little dash sign. That little dash sign represents my whole life between birth and death. How do I want to spend that dash? Living a life always waiting for "the right moment? Or living a life fearless of failure and just embracing the fact that it's okay to fall on my face as long as I get back up. And having done things that makes me feel fulfillment and happiness?

The concept of What Happened versus Story. How the story we make up in our minds carry over to all aspects of our lives for a very long time. It can be something that happened to you when you were 4 and it can carry over up to when your 40 or even follow you til your death. It won't go away until you confront it and acknowledge it and then find a way to resolve it. To understand it and then let it go.