Monday, July 14, 2014

What Robin told me after I texted her

To let her know that she's stronger than she thinks she is and wishin her a wonderful day and that she'll kick butt despite her feeling sick.

And she responded back with:

So many people smile because you sparkle so brightly... I hope you have a wonderful day and spread your passion for life everywhere! 💕💕💕

The feels are so real!! I'm so glad to have met her on Instagram! She's a constant inspiration for me to stay for and to keep up with yoga!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mikey's response to one of Sjana Earp's instagram posts

SjanaMade it safely to LAX airport! ✈️ currently waiting for a connection flight to Miami then staying at a cheap hotel tonight before a morning flight to The Bahamas to stay and play with @_bahamasgirl_ , her beautiful family and hopefully hang out with some of her marine friends too☀️😃💛🌴 I had a lot of time to ponder and explore my thoughts on the plane, and had one epiphany in particular about the purpose of life.. I used to think we had to achieve something to become fulfilled or to do what we came here to do.. "Destiny" if you like. But I was thinking, what if the purpose of life is really just to FEEL. To dig deeper, explore, discover, learn, play, develop, grow closer to people/places/things and to just exist and experience as MUCH as we possibly can? Not to "achieve" anything as such - but just to DO things. To intentionally place ourselves outside our comfort zone. To get lost only to find ourselves. To travel the world; see it's every corner. To meet new people, fall madly in love with a stranger, taste new foods, try new things, dance under the moon and skinny dip in secluded, secret places. To switch off, wander solo and listen to what your soul and heart really craves - then go after it! who says there has to be a "right" or a "wrong" way to live? Just do it I say.. Just go! Have a spoonful of insane courage and start living. Have no plans, and no intent of ever reaching a destination - knowing that enjoying the journey IS the ultimate goal. "If we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots, not legs" - unknown #foodforthought

Mikeythis is a beautiful epiphany! I can only hope everyone has or shares a similar one of these at some point in their life. I remember reading a survey about the number one thing elderly people regret as they approach death and it's not doing things they wish they had, fleeting moments of should I and then letting outside influence or doubt shy them away from living. People live inside of other people's dreams all the time, whether it be their parents expectations or the idea of "success" . One of the most liberating things you can do is begin to live for yourself and your experience/dream instead of being ruled by your surroundings, be it physical or otherwise. We all struggle in this demanding world and it's to be expected. It's how we let those struggles shape us that's important. Some say it may be selfish to live for yourself but one of my favorite quotes from my favorite rapper E-dubble is "Charity is great but you can't help until you make it too" so whether it' spiritual, financial, or philosophical we can't help without first having a foundation or place to contribute from. Thinkin about that usually makes me more focused on goals without feelin guilty or selfish because if your intention is good and can produce abundance for yourself and others alike then it's a positive endeavour imo. It enables me to understand what I can do in the future for people who aren't me when I'm more complete and centered as an individual overall :D