Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Something I ponder about often,

What if we were suppose to talk to everyone we happen to catch eye contact with. What if it means that our paths should cross when an event like that happens? But we ignore it because we don't want to come off as strange or awkward? How many interesting people and adventures would we encounter if we just said "Hi"? Hmmmm... 30 day challenge of saying "Hi" and attempting to strike conversation with anyone I exchange eye contact with.

Haruki Murakami makes me think. Realized I met and became friends with Adam because I wrote on his wall randomly one day, asking him to tell me a story.... He wanted to call me.. And tell me the story... What a strange and life changing moment...

From my friend Erik

I can't go back to sleep after I read that. I'm really touched by it and I'm so happy for him!! This just goes to show me how important it is for us to be conscious of our actions because we can really have an impact on others, whether it's positively or negatively, even when we don't know it!! It also is another example, a huge one at that, that everyone has a story and struggles they're going through, we must remember to be kind to everyone. You never know who you may impact. GAH!! I'm so proud and so excited for him....

Comments like these inspire me and keep me going

I'm so grateful for them

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tiffany quoting me something related to gym that can be applied to daily life

Heres a (not verbatim) quote by george leonard:  "mastery demands falling in love with the plateaus".  Theres also this fitness writer i love that says something like for every 30 workouts or whatever the majority of them will be mediocre, a few will be terrible, and a few will be awesome.  I like to apply that to life in general and it really helps to keep my expectations realistic about having good, bad, and mediocre days. Well, just wanted to share that.  it sounds like youre kicking ass though keep on keepin on