Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scott Kelley's (LiveGro Productions) advice for me,

I have a lot of respect for Scott! He's been filming since he was 16 and his productions are always TOP NOTCH!!! It was intimidating talking to him at first, but he's extremely down to earth and friendly!! So far from my interactions with him and a view of his profile, he seems like a person with a good heart and positive intentions! I hope to get to know him more and become better friends! YAAAAAAAAY! I absolutely love talking to inspiring people in the industry and scene!!!

"Also, I'd have to disagree with you on your filming tactic. Sorting an mark the footage isssss a bitch fo sho. I personally, when covering an event such as a Dj, I film mostly in short sprits. I am constantly moving, change angles and really trying to listen to his or her set. I know when he or she is about to build to a huge breakdown or is going to start a build which will buy me sometime to move to a different angel. I want people to think there where 6 camera men, not one. Also, it give you a lot to edit with when you have a ton of angles and transition shots to choose from. Shoot to edit. That's the biggest lesson aside from be organized.

Your interview was excellent [Triflon Interview]. He was sat perfectly, the angles were perfect and it flowed really well with the b-roll shots."