Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sweet things Mike Said to Me

Mike: You're beautiful and you're the best girlfriend I could ever hope to have. I love your passion for life and growth and learning. I think its hot you were working on the solar rover and are teaching yourself about electronics and mechanics and robots. I want to share your passions and grow with you. I know were both better people for loving each otherm
You're understanding and loving and encouraging and I think everyone who meets you is lucky to have the experience :)
I know sometimes I can be jealous, selfish, immature, afraid. I'm happy that you continue to love me.

Me: Awwww baby! I love you so much! You're the most understanding and loving and patient boyfriend I ever had. We are DEFINITELY better people having known each other. I've grown so much as a person ever since I met you, from social growth to emotional and mental growth. Those were some really sweet messages that you sent me. I can feeeel those feeeeels baby. I love you so fucking much. Thank you for telling me all of that. I really really appreciate it. 

Mike: Of course baby :). I love you so much.
You're the best and I want you to know it :)

Me: YOURE THE BEST. I love you baby. And I'm always here for you! REMEMBER THAT! 

Mike: Thank you baby
I wish you were here with me. I miss you a lot and I'm feeling sick and vulnerable.

Me: I wish I was there for you so I can help you feel better baby. But don't worry! You'll get through this!! <3

Mike: I just wanna say too that everyone loves us. I think were an inspiration and model to other peoples relationshiis

Me: I think so tooooo baby! :3 I think so too!! 

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