Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Originally Rachelle's status expressing her frustration about certain blocks occurring in her mind,

Rachelle: Damn it. I'm feeling so blocked.

I took some pictures of the smoothie I made this morning so that I could post the picture with the recipe for my go-to smoothie on my blog. ... That's something semi-productive and contributes in some small way, right?

It's just... when it comes to the idea of actually writing up such a blog post, it feels so damn forced. I'm resistant towards the idea of writing it up. Why??? Also... it's just freaking smoothie recipe. The world needs more than recipes or smoothies or green juices or kale chips.

I have a lot of ideas I want to discuss and share... but again, I feel pretty blocked when it comes to actually writing. I feel as though I need to figure out a bunch of stuff in my life first before I can make any significant progress... but siultaneously, in another sense, that type of thinking exemplifies how I am giving my power away to circumstances that are outside myself (yet also inside myself, too - if that makes any sense).

Virginia: I feel like this when I do my personal programming projects, it's actually very common for me. That's why for this three-day weekend, I focused my time on just sitting down and /writing code/. I didn't worry too much about how far I'd get, or if what I wrote would be productive. Instead, I just took one task that I wanted to work on and powered through it. One task completed lead to another, and before I knew it, I got a lot of progress done without letting my mind get in the way. 

My suggestion is to cast aside your brain blocks and just write. Don't worry about if what you're writing is productive or if the world needs it - just keep doing it. You'll find that the process of writing (or in my case, writing code) will help you figure out the things in your life that were holding you back - and that those things are much smaller and don't actually hold the power that you think they do. 

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