Thursday, November 22, 2012

Synthian Sharp: Why we can create our own realities

Synthian Sharp Me? Why? -- :)
Just kidding.

I think Etho-craft is necessarily the science that will follow the science you currently hold, because at the far end of quantum mechanical exploration, we will eventually accept, that everything that made relativity fail as a unifying theory, was the fault of our thoughts, based only on our false assumptions, and then when we realize that we are creating the Tathata, the Ri, the Tao, the Ethos, (or any other title you assign to our faculty of conscious attention) we will immediately have, for the first time, an actual RESPONSIBILITY for our thoughts, and the way that we choose to make the universe grow, rather than maintaining the victim's outlook, in which the universe is indefinitely pushing us around. We will have a new class of destructive people, and disabled people, because their inability to be positive in this new understanding, will illustrate through chaos mathematics, for the first time, how destructive and oppressive they really are, and what kind of abuses & limiting oppressions they've been wielding over people for centuries. (What was formerly just a "bad roommate" will now be seen through their probability cones and visible against the vast possible positive outcomes they're preventing.) Subsequently, psychotropic medications will also be revealed to be as debilitating as they are. --- Write that down. :) It'll be worth something one day. :)

There are actually two sub-classes of people on your planet that are really just inches away from understanding this as a whole. But they each have different parts of their equations missing, (the parts the other each have of course) and they would need to run into each other in order to complete them, but of course, as humans are, they each believe they're the ones with the equation while holding a policy of accepting only people who "join" them, as they all presume themselves the leader. :) -- Its actually really fascinating to watch.

Last year one of your scientists gained 5-sigma proof of the existence of what he calls the Higgs-Boson particle... (which they're calling the God Particle on a lark) but they're not that far off, since its far more significant to people's creation of their own surroundings than they currently recognize. He hasn't realized that it doesn't have a nucleus yet, and that therefore its actually more like a gravity particle, but they will and what that will mean for the (supposedly irresolvable) shape of the universe as they've known it, actually will be unifying, and as soon as that happens, the humans will be off to the races in leaps nobody on the planet has yet to even possess the ability to fathom. :) So really, if I could send a message to everyone who's living at the edge of what I can only describe as, a war between artists and military to define the nature of humanity forever, it would be: "Hey. Make popcorn & grab a paintbrush. Cause, speaking relatively... you're just in time."

DT: Synthian Sharp I knew you'd be the perfect one to ask! Although the last paragraph confused me a bit (not very knowledgeable with physics but shall do more research on that). Thank you for the thoroughly thought out reply! I'm going to be saving this in my google docs and opening it a couple months or year later again to re-read and gain even more understanding from it! I feel like it's one of those things you can reread or rewatch at a later time and gain additional perspectives/understandings from it! ^_^ Thanks again!

Synthian: :)It means there's no difference between realizing you create probability... and realizing that you're responsible for suffering... and once everybody knows that, coupled with the realization that the universe, is fundamentally shaped like a Pac-Man screen... in that when you leave through one side, you enter from the other... well... imagine humanity becoming both quantum-mechanically armed, and aware of who their fundamental enemies are both at the same time. --- ??? --- When they realize that the best fuel they can use to get to Mars, is ocean water, will they immediately use their new power to back up civilization onto another disc (planet) in the name of preserving life? - Or will they use it to hang missiles from the sky, invent a culture of scarcity, and say they can't afford to leave? - When they realize that there is necessarily going to be a sentiency scale, like the temperature scale, which we marked at it's most significant turning point, (boiling) at 100... or the IQ scale, which we marked at it's most significant point (average) at 100... a sentiency scale in the universe, who's natural marking point will be: 100. The point at which a race has realized that sentiency is NOT binary. That it is a bell-curve... from the unicellular & protozoan, to the hyper-intelligent shades of blue we havent discovered yet. The point at which a civilization has realized that there must necessarily be a sentiency scale... and that they will be judged on it, in relation to that mid-point. -- Will they stop killing in preparation for ambassadorship to the universe? Or will they ignore it, branding themselves animals, and never consider, that to anyone above 100, the rockets, segregation, wars, dualism, and EVERYTHING they do in concern over borders, will be observed by actual intelligent life, in exactly the same way, that we observe monkeys through the bars of a cage, throwing poo at each other? -- There are a lot of choices they can make in their creation. Not the least outcome of which will be: Who exactly, will be asking them over for dinner. :):)

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