Friday, August 31, 2012

A post from Walter about men not just being out there for sex,

I hate it when girls talk shit on malekind for "only wanting sex". Bullshit. Yeah, guys are horny more often than girls are, but 99% of men have at least SOME degree of interest in romance and a relationship. It's just that promiscuous sex is genetically wired to be seen as a low-investment activity to the masculine mind. For a guy to actually make the much greater personal investment of dating someone, you have to be especially kind and interesting and captivating, so if men only act like they want you for sex but never to date you, it's not because men aren't interested in romance. It's because men aren't interested in you.
Also guys that think they're special because they want something other than sex are just as self-entitled and delusional.
I've dated guys that are supposedly "players" or "heartbreakers" to other girls, but have stayed faithful to me. And I'm the same way, casual sex = low investment activity, I don't commit unless you are someone I find captivating. Not to so
und mean, but it's true, if you aren't worth dating, all they're going to do is have casual sex with you. But if they like your personality and being enough and you ARE worth their investment in time and emotion, they WILL make the effort to commit to a more romantic relationship with you.
DT speaking the truth. Even guys known as players will stop if something about a girl grabs their interest. Players want love too.

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