Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Me: XIUUUUUUU!! I just wanted to say I loveeeeee you. And am grateful for you being a very close friend of mine! ^__^

Xiu: I LOVE YOU TOO!!! :3 sowwy for making you feel bad last nite D: i felt so bad about it!!! i dont want you to feel that you could ever be a traitor!! i dont think i will ever think of you that way!!! haha i only would think that if somethimg hugeee crazyyy like impossible thing like if u killed everyone i love BUT YOU WOULD NEVA DO DAT!! xD i think youre such a good person and its super admirable! i think i used to be as nice as you once but not anymo alot of people loose that sincere unconditional kindness!!! STAY THE WAY YOU ARE AND STICK TO UR MORALS AND PRINCIPLES!! people who really love you will understand and accept you for you! :3 i love chu alot and am so happy you are a big part of mah life!! so dont be sad or feel like dat ever again!!!

Me: OHHHH GAHHHD XIUU!!  THE TEARS BE ROLLLING FROM MY EYEBALLS... ;_____;  THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING ME~~~!!! It's so funny though I feel like i grew up backwards from how most people grow up! I used to really really hate people and gave no shizzlebops for anybody.  But then as I grew older I realized how good (or potentially good) that everyone is inside of them! And I become nicer and nicer... LOL @.@ but sometimes people think I'm naive because of how nice I am and I feel like they think I'm weak... But man... It's actually really hard being nice all the time especially when others aren't being kind to you and it's normal for people to hate each other and stuff. And then it gets really difficult for me to socialize with people because I have different perspectives... And they think I'm weird and I feel a bit awkward sometimes... But you're right Xiu!!  >___< I should be who I am and the people who really love me will stay and those who don't, will go~ WAAAAH~~!!! Thank chu so much for the encouragement and kind words!!!! *____* I SO LUCKY TO HAS YOU IN MY LIFE~~!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU! AND HOPE CHU HAS A GEWD DAY AT SCHOOOOL TODAY!! ^____^ ✨💖✨💖✨💖✨

Xiu: hahha ur like a benjamin button of kindness!!! and NOOO UR NOT WEAK!!! it is much harder to turn the other cheek and be kind and try to understand!! DONT FEEL THAT U R WEIRD IN A BAD WAY OR ANYTHING! because you just think differently then other people and take the time to see good in others instead of judging negatively!! and yeah this type of thinking can clash with other peoples ideologies but people who wont socialize with you or make you feel bad for being you just show how close minded they are! im happy i have u in my life because youre such a positive influence!!!! :DDD i hope you have an amazing productive day today!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

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