Sunday, October 27, 2013

Steve pavlina on acting on inspiration,

Discussing about the Money Mindfest program! 

Joe is very much into acting on inspiration. We've talked in person about our creative processes a few times over the past few years. We basically use the same approach. The process I use for creating articles and workshops is the same process he uses for creating products, songs, etc. When we get an inspired idea, we each realize that we've got about 24 hours to get moving on it, maybe 48 hours maximum. It's like surfing a wave of energy. When the wave shows up, if you don't catch it quickly and ride it to shore, you'll never catch up to it. It may show up in a different form later, but that particular wave will be gone forever. When Joe gets a new product idea, he'll pretty much drop everything and create it as fast as he can. Then he can fix and polish it during editing.

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