Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Krys Villaster inspirational post about productivity and how age is irrelevant,

27 years old. Running out of time? for what. Time doesn't exist for me. I am a living being constantly changing/constantly growing. After graduating school, i do not stop studying. After finishing an event I do not stop practicing. While you encounter friends/enemies...people... I focus on the self. double the production time. balance. turn my work into an art. turn my art into work. I will make the most of my time. To the people that have played RPGs or anything simliar; you play a character, you build him, make him stronger, makes your experience in playing the character more fun because you have made him stronger and now have an advantage over walls and barriers that come in your way. but there is going to be stronger enemies. stronger characters played by other people. don't waste time fooling around. if you want to win the game. double time it ! your method of practice is traditional. everyone can practice the way you are practicing. every second counts. the amount of time it takes for you to go out and eat. or meet a friend . you can just ask over the phone. you do not have to meet. you can just get food close to you. you do not have to travel so far or so "close". save time. time is what makes us grow. one minute. two minutes saved. they add up. driving to get food . then driving to go back home. a lot can be done in that amount of time. fill in the gaps. fill in the gaps. you are driving somewhere. you hit a stop light. 20 seconds pass. 45 seconds. waiting for green light. that is time wasted. working out at the gym. or doing push ups at home. rest time in between sets? keep going. time was wasted. running and running. you stop to take a breather. too tired/no breath for push ups ? running does not work out the arm muscles. straight to the point. how do you know you can't do it if you haven't tried. keep going. don't stop. if you stop the flow. then you will waste time and energy to restart again. you have to continue the flow of movement. running. you stop for a breather. or you stop to tie your shoe. or a car passing by. that is time and energy wasted to restart. you have to make the work flow correct . in order for movement to go one direction. flow must not be interupted. when you get the flow going. you will go deeper in that direction, everything will be easier. conitue that flow. lets relate flow to age. age. age is nothing but a number. why is that so? people say that too. its a common quote. "age is nothing but a number" people don't understand. ive been called too old. i've called older people than me "too old". age is just a label. it is the individual that counts. too old for this or that? that is a limit you put on yourself.--- this is also a common quote. so when i say age is just a number. it doesn't exist for me. time doesn't exist. because i do not think or focus or even bring up the past or future. i concentrate on now. what is going on. if you say i am 27. that is 27 yrs from when i was born. i do not care about the past the past does not exist for me. so it there was no younger self of me. then you cannot say . i am 27 yrs old (i.e. 27 yrs after i was born). past does not exist. if i look at the past it is a distraction/ looking away from the direction i am running towards. the now/ the present is what direction must be done. the future is not a direction either. so since there is no focus in the past. there is no age. time is a label. 3am. 2am right now ? too late ? too late for what. i do what i have to do. i am progressing in work. i am going towards that direction. how is this too late for that? it is the same thing. so when i am tired. i will rest. if i wake up 2 hours later. 5 am. continue to work. it does not have to be the common 8am/10am. that is tradition. break the habbit. that is how you become free.

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